FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I customize my design with reroom modular?
Yes, you can. We have up to 37 modular design to choose.

2) How many colours can I choose for the modular?
5 colours in total to choose from.

3) What is the material for your modular?
We are using PVC laminated plywood.

4) Does modular pricing include installation and transportation fees?
All template design pricing includes installation. Transportation is charged separately according to location. It will be calculated and shown during checkout.

5) Do you accept credit card?
Yes, for credit card you can use our PayPal payment gateway through our website.

6) Do you accept online banking?
Yes, you may reach out to our customer service for more details.

7) Do you provide customized design?
Yes, we do customized design by using only reroom modular cabinet.

8) Do you do customized design but not using modular cabinet?
No. As reroom core business is on our in-house manufacture modular cabinet.

9) I am interested to use reroom modular cabinet for my living room, master bedroom and kitchen. do you provide design service?
Yes, please visit https://reroom.today/pages/transform-your-room-free-visual and fill in the required info.

10) Business with us!
https://reroom.today/pages/contact-us leave your contact details with the link or chat through tawk.to with us via our website. Our representative will reply to you within 1 hour.

11) Can I make an installment payment?
No installment plan for modular pre-designed set.

12) What is the warranty period for reroom modular cabinet
All products come in 6 months warranty.

13) What is the payment term for full renovation?
50% deposit and 50% after installation.

14) What is the timeframe for the productions and installation?
Minimum 14 days of productions upon payment and our delivery will be on every Tuesday and Thursday of the week.

15) Can I self-collect my modular cabinet?
Yes, our office is located at Sungai Buloh.

16) Can I buy 1 unit of the modular cabinet and provide delivery?
Yes, please use our website tawk.to service to chat with our customer service or call our sales representative for more info.

17) Is there somewhere we can view your actual products?
Yes, we do have our showroom at our factory located in Sungai Buloh.