The Ultimate Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide With

After a long, tiring day, nothing is better than getting home to rest in your bedroom. Some might say that the bedroom is the most important rooms in your home. This haven for you should be inviting, comfortable, and functional. 

When it comes to purchasing new bedroom furniture, either for your new home or for your home refurbishing project, it's important to make sure that you're getting your money's worth and that you make the most out of your investment. 

After all, this piece of furniture will be where you will spend most of your time on to rest and rejuvenate. Whether it's for a new bed set, dresser and wardrobe, or all of them in one,'s bedroom furniture collection has one just for you. 

Read our ultimate bedroom furniture buying guide that has five simple steps to ensure you get the best out of your money.


1 Focus On Quality 

Remember that bedroom furniture is not only there to be beautiful, but it should also be practical and durable throughout the years. 

Bedroom furniture with a solid construction, easy to maintain, and smooth-closing chests and doors should be your priority. These factors will give you the chance to own the bedroom furniture for years to come. 

At, we use eco-friendly materials with a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. The use of wood veneer plywood as our bedroom furniture's furnishing material gives it the various wood patterns, making it easy to clean, and scratch-resistant. 

You can even visit our showroom at Sungai Buloh to get a closer look at our products and see how they will fit in your bedroom.

S4 "Lux bedroom" at RM7,000


2 Make Sure It Suits Your Style

With bedroom furniture, make sure it suits your personality and the theme of your room.

Most of our clients love going for a minimal look with neutral colours that bring peace and serenity to the bedroom. But if you're looking for something romantic, beds with an upholstered headboard or have a soft colour for its finishing touches, you can get them to suit your aesthetic, too. modern design bedroom furniture has sleek detailing that gives off a contemporary look to your bedroom. We believe that no matter your style or aesthetic, you will always need bedroom furniture that helps you to create the perfect space.

S1 "All-in-one bedroom" at RM5,600


3 Keep Storage A Priority

We all know how difficult it can be sometimes to make your bedroom stay organized. With proper storage system, you can focus on ensuring that your bedroom stays as neat and tidy for the rest of the week.

Have a small bedroom? No problem. has a bedroom set that comes with a storage cabinet above and below the furniture to help you save storage space in your apartment.

S5 "Hidden storage" at RM4,100

Need something bigger to keep all your things? has just the thing. Our wardrobe made up of wardrobe units and storage cabinets. There's also display nooks for you to keep your bedroom decor, books, and other valuable items.

S3 "Practical wardrobe V1" at RM5,100


4 Accent It Up!

Bedroom furniture shouldn't just stop at beds and dressers. Chairs and desks can also add a touch of personality and uniqueness to a bedroom. With these accent pieces, you can revamp your bedroom to something cooler.

If there is enough space in your bedroom,'s dresser wardrobe set comes with wardrobe units, drawers, and a dresser table that has a touch sensitive mirror to adjust the lighting.

When included with a chair, you can turn it into a vanity table that creates a separate space for you to get ready for the day. This doesn't only add a whole new look to your bedroom but also gives you the functionality to your bedroom furniture.

S2 "Dresser wardrobe" at RM4,500


5 Accessorise Your Space

Once you've found the perfect bedroom furniture, it's time accessorise your room to give it more personality and vibe that fits you.

We love giving interior design advice to our clients and here are some of our favourite accesories to give any bedroom an instant upgrade:

  • large mirrors that can be hung on the back of the door or over the dresser to give some brightness and provides a sense of space
  • a patterned rug or carpet for either a splash of colour or provide extra comfort to your feet
  • premium bedding such as comforter, duvet, throw pillows that are in the same colour hue as your bedroom
  • pieces of artwork or home decor accessories on your wardrobe's display niche

Every accessory you have in your bedroom helps to enhance the look and feel of your bedroom that has your personal touch in every corner.

S6 "Practical wardrobe V2" at RM3,800

There's a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right bedroom furniture for you. Here at, we want you to get the best bedroom furniture that you can use for a long time.

It should give you comfort as well as practicality to make it the best bedroom furniture you will buy for a long time.