Work From Home, The New Normal


When thinking of working from home, be it a small room or entire living room, most people will conjure up an image of a very familiar environment where they do their everyday activities, with all kind of items strewn over the place. The good old dining table now becomes your work den, littered with files and stationery, perhaps even a printer. But WFH should be enjoyable!

Take a look at what this owner did to make his enhance his WFH experience. A proper place to complete all your work worries with ample space to store your items!


You might not immediately think of working from home will be productive, after all our home is a cosy and beautifully decorated living space that promotes comfort. Having a specific room for a home office helps in separating your work and private life, making it easier to work from home. It might be a good idea to let your imagination run wild because these pictures can give you both!

More often than not, working from home can cause you to feel less productive but with the right design in mind, you are on your way to the best office you will work in.


Asides from having the right design, there are a few things to consider before creating a good work environment at home. Good lighting, appropriate room temperature to keep you cool and comfortable, ergonomic and practical home office furniture, and good accessories can give your home office a more focused and productive environment.

Getting ample lighting will improve the working environment mood and some of us might work way into the night as our work hours from working from home gets vaguer. But with good lighting, you can prep yourself to work into the night as you chase deadlines, or if you’re more productive at night, you can get to work on your ideas with the right desk lamp.


With reroom you do not need to give up on comfort and functionality. reroom produces modern, friendly pieces of home furniture that is pre-designed for work from home purposes.

The design gives you open displays to showcase your ornaments, books, and keep your files and documents in a proper storage area.

The L-shaped tabletop allows you to work from home comfortably, providing you with a more ergonomic and comfortable way of carrying your work right from your home office.

We believe that your home office must represent your ideal and style. With reroom, we give you exclusivity to showcase your home office in a more modern, sophisticated, and elegant design. As well as the choice to personalize your colour and storage space.

What do you think of reroom? Contact reroom today to find out how we can help you in designing and creating the best home office you will ever work in